Top 10 Youngest Billionaire

  1. Kylie Jenner

Age – 23

Net Worth – $1 Billion

Founder – Kylie Cosmetics

Country – USA

2. Sisters Alexandra Andresen and Katharina Andresen

Age – 24 and 25 respectively

Net Worth – Approx $1.3 Billion each

Income Source – Investment

Country – Norway

Daughters of Johan H. Andresen Jr., owner of Ferd, a Norwegian investment company, actively invests in the Nordic Stock Exchange

3. Gustav Magnar Witzoe

Age – 27

Net worth – $2.9 Billion

Income Source – Salmon Farming

Country – Norway

Owns nearly 47% of SalMar ASA, one of the world’s largest salmon producers, after inheriting it from his father Gustav Witzoe Sr., who still manages day-to-day operations. Gustav also has investments in real estate and tech startups.

4. Jonathan Kwok

Age – 28

Net Worth – $2.1 Billion

Income Source – Real Estate

Country – Hong Kong

Youngest son of the late Walter Kwok, former chairman of Hong Kong’s largest developer, Sun Hung Kai Properties. He is also Asia’s Youngest Billionaire,

5. Elisabeth Furtwaengler

Age – 28

Net worth – $1.3 Billion

Income Source – Publishing

Country – Germany

Daughter of German publishing magnate Hubert Burda and doctor-slash-actress Maria Furtwaengler. Inherited 25% stake in her father’s company, Burda Media Group, which owns over 600 media titles in over 24 countries, including the German editions of Elle and Playboy.

6. Lisa Draexlmaier

Age – 29
Net Worth – $1.5 Billion

Income Source – Auto Parts

Country – Germany

Co-owner and CEO of Fritz Draexlmaier Co & KG. The company is known for selling auto parts to top car manufacturers including  BMW, Audi, Cadillac, Tesla, Porsche, Land Rover, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz etc.

7. Evan Spiegel

Age – 31

Net Worth – Approx $4.4 Billion

Income Source – Snapchat

Country – USA

CEO and co-founder of Snapchat and is one of only three self-made billionaires in the world aged under 30. Owns approx 18% shares of snapchat and has a dual citizenship of US and France

8. John Collison

Age – 30

Net Worth – $3.2 Billion

Income Source – Stripe Payment Software

Country – Ireland

President and co-founder of Stripe, the Irish entrepreneur launched the company with his brother Patrick when they were both college students. Builds software helping businesses facilitate online credit card payments. Current valuation of company is $35 Billion.

9. Ludwig Theodor Braun

Age – 30

Net worth – $1 Billion

Income Source – B. Braun Melsungen AG

Country – Germany

Youngest son of Ludwig Georg Braun, owns 10% of multi-billion-dollar German medical device company B. Braun Melsungen.

10. Bobby Murphy

Age – 32

Net Worth – $4.4 Billion

Income Source – Snapchat

Country – USA

CTO and co-founder of Snapchat and own 18% shares in snapchat. Aldo has investment in Real estate.

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